I love Indonesia; not just because I was born and bred in the country, but because it’s arguably the most fascinating place on the planet.  It’s a young democracy, but perhaps the only true democracy in South East Asia; a makeshift nation; the most diverse community on earth squeezed in one place; chaotic; conservative; progressive; resilient; and much, much more.

I love its people and I can’t stand them at the same time.  As the most diverse nation on earth we seem to be easily agitated with differences and try so hard to make everybody exactly the same.  But then at times, we display  compassion, empathy towards minorities, and progressiveness that would surprise even the most hardcore liberals.

We desperately need to learn to make better public policies and learn it fast.  Our parliament members rely more on emotional sentiment and less on analysis and evidence when making policies.   They’re understaffed and in need of capacity building.

This blog is some of my thoughts on Indonesia’s public policies and community.  Ironically, I write better in English than in my primary language; a personal example of how much improvement Indonesia’s education desperately needs.  But I’ll try to have this blog in dual language, time permits.


8 Responses to “Rivandra Royono”

  1. nusantaraku Says:

    Wow… my language skill is constrastive with you. Off course, i just able write in Indonesia for my blog.
    Thanks for visited to my blog. And i like ur principle that be love our country not just because we was born dan bred in Indonesia.
    Salam Nusantaraku.

  2. tysar Says:

    great for u’re blog
    nice to know u
    see u

  3. tribas Says:


  4. jasadh Says:

    sambil belajar inggris…salam kenal..

    1. rivanroyono Says:

      Salam kenal juga, Mas Jasadh. Terima kasih dah mau mampir.

  5. mr. thinker Says:

    Rivan, I hope you don’t mind if I put you in my blogroll! Thankies! 🙂

    1. rivanroyono Says:

      Don’t mind the slightest bit Joey. Happy Ied!

  6. dustysneakers Says:

    We linked you to our blog!
    This means you have to write more often, Riv. More people will drop by for your sharp tongue and even sharper mind!

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